Announcements for Wednesday July 30, 2014

Birthdays 5/12/14 - 5/18/14

Happy birthday to: Justin Bertzyk, Alec DeCaluwe, Logan Frandrup, Tristan Hobart, Claire Jungers, Tyler Mroczenski, Emalee Myer, Olivia Schuelke, Natasha Smith, Thomas Utecht, Austin VanSwol, and Benjamin Weigand!!!


Being a cool parent could cost you...
Your house, car, boat, and your retirement savings

Purchase, provide, or pour alcohol for underage drinkers and the people they injure can sue you. And since your himeowners insurance doesen't cover illegal activity. The risk all falls on you!

Wisconsin law provides adults with civil immunity for guests they provide with alcohol, but there's no immunity when alcohol is served to an underage drinker.

Waupaca High School Places First in Annual Conference Academic Bowl

Waupaca High School placed first of the eight Eastern Valley schools competing in math, science, social studies, language arts and current events. Fox Valley Lutheran placed second and Berlin, third. Team members each take a written test in their specific subject area and then they compete on discipline-based teams in the oral portion of the event. Waupaca placed a resounding first in both the written and oral competition. Furthermore, eleven Waupaca students medaled by earning one of the top three scores in their subject areas on the written tests.

Medalists include: Emily Cummings, 3rd in grammar and spelling; Dakota Marlega and Emalee Myer tied for third in short stories and poetry; Cole Pankratz, 2nd in Algebra II; Rob Durfee, 2nd in geometry; Cameron Calderon, 2nd in advanced math; Ryan Weise, 2nd in physics; Shane Olson, 1st in United States history; Doug Byers and Ellen Ryder tied for 2nd in geography, and Amanda Durfee placed first in world history. This marks the first time in the Eastern Valley academic bowl history where Waupaca placed first.
Front row: Emalee Myer, Douglas Byers, Caitlin Behm, Liz Olson, Dakota Marlega, Patrick Snider. Middle row: Ben Wiegand, Kaylee Schmid, Amanda Durfee, Ellen Ryder, Rob Durfee, Nikki Weise, Jessica Borntrager. Back row: Ryan Phillipsen, Cole Pankratz, Shane Olsen, Christian Overman, Cameron Calderon, Emily Cummings, Endeavor Achten, Lara Broderick, Ryan Weise. Medalists Front row: Ellen Ryder, Amanda Durfee, Shane Olsen, Dakota Marlega, Emalee Myer, and Emily Cummings. Back row: Douglas Byers, Cole Pankratz, Robert Durfee, Cameron Calderon, Ryan Weise.