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    Record: 11-13 (5-3 in conference)___Playoff Seed: #3___Leading Goal Scorer: Seth Bodlt (15 goals)___Assist Leader: Zane Johnson (12 assists)

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  • 503

    Cross Country

    The Boys Varsity Cross Country team has taken 1st at two tournaments! Both were at Westfield-Pioneer! They also took 3rd at Iola-Scandinavia!

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  • New London 012


    Record: 16-16 (5-3 in conference)

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    Record: 5-5___ Passing Leader: Joe Ogden (680yards passing & 7 touchdowns)___ Rushing Leader: Walker Smith (720 yards rushing & 7 touchdowns)

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  • gym

    Be Respectful

    In the Classroom Follow directions of teachers and supervisors Respect others’ rights to learn Appreciate differences and encourage others to do their best In the Commons Use proper table manners

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  • socialstudies3

    Be Responsible

    In the Classroom Be in class on time Actively participate/Be engaged in your learning In the Commons, Hallway, Restroom and Outside Maintain a clean environment In the Restroom Report any

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